Want Brighter Skin?

Great news!  luminesce® Radiant Skin Brightener is now available in Canada and the U.S. (Flawless Skin Brightener). Developed by board certified Dermatologist, Dr. Nathan Newman, this lightweight, non-greasy and synergistic formula boosts youthful radiance and awakens the transformation of your beautiful skin.

Key Benefits

  • Diminishes the signs of aging for skin that looks visibly radiant and refreshed
  • Tightens pores for smooth and glowing skin
  • Illuminates and hydrates skin with Silver Ear, the mushroom extract of Tremella Fuciformis
  • Promotes a supple look and the appearance of even skin-tone for age defying beauty


luminesce® Radiant Skin Brightener
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the white specks in the product?

The Flashwhite Unisphere ingredient in the formula is the white particles made of titanium dioxide and other natural extracts that help to brighten the skin. These beads assist in the delivery of two natural extracts, vitamin C-rich cucumber and lemon extract, to maximize the lightening action over time.

How do I use Radiant Skin Brightener before or after  luminesce® Rejuvenation Serum?

Apply Radiant Skin Brightener after luminesce® Rejuvenation Serum, in the morning and at night. See the following directions:

Lather face with Youth Restoring Cleanser. Rinse and pat dry. Apply Luminesce Rejuvenation Serum. Apply one pump of Radiant Skin Brightener gel to your fingertips. Dab gel on areas of focus and then massage evenly over entire face in a circular motion until dry. For maximum results, use morning and night. Always use sunscreen. Follow with Daily Moisturizing Complex or Advanced Night Repair.

When will I start to see results?

Typically it takes 4-6 weeks to notice a change with best results noticed in 90 days.