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Plant Based Protein is loaded with nutrition. We’ve added extra essential Amino Acids, fermented protein and only premium sources like pea and hemp proteins. This is a complete protein supplement made with the finest ingredients.

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Complete Plant Based Protein

LiveGood Plant Based Protein is specially formulated to be the ULTIMATE Plant Protein Supplement available! It’s more than just protein. Your body will receive MAXIMUM nutrition from the best ingredients available on the PLANET!

We packed this product with the best performing plant based proteins combined with 26 Minerals and Vitamins essential to your body’s health.  This formula lacks nothing! You’ve got Vitamin B for energy production, Iodine for metabolism, Iron for building muscle, our Protein provides the POWER your body needs to thrive!

Besides all of the incredible benefits, our LiveGood Plant Based Protein is absolutely delicious! This vanilla flavored powder can be tossed in your morning smoothie, mixed with water or your favorite plant milk. Enjoy it any time of a day for a super boost of nutrition!

LiveGood Plant Based Protein Benefits:

  • Restore & Rebuild Joints & Muscles
  • Maintain & Build Lean Muscle
  • Fortified with All Essential Amino Acids
  • Member price $22.00


Pea Protein – A very popular and complete source of protein, pea protein contains ALL NINE essential amino acids that our body needs.  It’s amazing for the heart and blood flow, too as it contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) like arginine. In addition to these benefits, pea protein is also low in fat and high in iron!

Organic Hemp Protein – Hemp protein is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, heart-healthy unsaturated fats and minerals. It has become a much sought after protein for weight management and is known to help protect the heart, rebuild and restore muscles and joints, maintain lean body mass,  and even helps with brain function!  It also promotes energy, reduces inflammation and may help boost the immune system! It’s a powerhouse protein!

Fermented Protein – Unfortunately many protein products are not readily digestible, which means you are not getting the full benefits.  LiveGood Plant Based Protein contains carefully selected Fermented Pea Protein. It helps the body with healthy digestion, and all the harmful bacteria and anti-nutrients have been removed so you get the cleanest, healthiest protein available anywhere!

Amino Acids – Amino Acids play an active role in almost every system in the body.  They assist in the creation and growth of muscles, skin and connective tissues.  Amino Acides help to maintain muscle tone, healing, repair and tissue strength.  In addition to those benefits, they help provide energy to your body and healthy digestion.  Amino Acids are critical to health. You can be confident that LiveGood Plant Based Protein contains a high level of quality amino acids!

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  1. Celeste

    What a great price! I pay 60 bucks for quality protein. Even without a membership the price is amazing. I can’t wait till it arrives!

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