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Superior quality D3 K2 Vitamin Supplement! Optimum health depends on a steady level of D vitamin in the body. Our immune system depends on it! So many suffer from critically low levels and it affects their health negatively. Don’t let that happen to you and your family!

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D3-K2 2000 by LiveGood Vitamins

Vitamin D is at the top of the list for critically important vitamins to support a healthy immune system. Studies show that globally, more people are lacking proper levels of Vitamin D than any other vitamin! This vitamin is critical to having optimum health. LiveGood Vitamin D3 can help replenish your D levels! Even though sunlight is a major source of Vitamin D, the majority of people do not get the exposure they need to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D.  And because very few foods are rich in Vitamin D, it’s a common issue for many people to have a deficiency. We need Vitamin D on a daily basis. Without it, we experience weakened immune systems, bone density issues and vulnerability to sickness and disease.

LiveGood Vitamin D3 Benefits:

  • Support Strong Bones
  • Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular Function
  • Contains Highest Quality Vitamin D & K
  • Improves Immune System
  • Member price $8.50

High Quality Vitamin D

LiveGood Vitamin D3 and K2 has 2,000 units of the highest quality D3 available anywhere. Formulated at optimal levels so every dose gives your body the support it needs. Why do we add K2? It’s scientifically proven that K2 helps to support the function of D Vitamin. It also ensures that calcium can reach the bones and maintain healthy density. K2 also supports healthy cardiovascular functions.

No mater who you are, everyone should be taking this combo of Vitamin D3 and K2 to get healthy and STAY healthy! LiveGood Vitamin D3 is the highest quality you can buy and at a very affordable price!

Wholesale Membership Savings

Become a member at LiveGood so you can enjoy even greater savings on all of our products. It’s like a Costco membership but better!

1 review for LiveGood Vitamin D3

  1. Bill

    I take D3 daily and I was really impressed with the quality and price of LiveGood. I signed up for a membership! I’ve never bought such high quality vitamins so affordably before! They didn’t scrimp on quality. No more Amazon for me!

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