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M1ND is a supplement that helps you remember, focus and stay on task. Increase your clarity and feel good with this delicious gel pack supplement!

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Clear Your Mind with M1ND by Jeunesse Global

M1ND — features CERA-Q™, a dietary supplement that is clinically shown to support memory and help reduce mental distraction.

30 Gel Packs per box (30ml each)

Contains Silk Protein Hydrolysate to help you remember facts, names and words. Clinically proven. Sourced from protein in silk cocoons.

Contains L-Theanine to help fight mental distractions and keep you focused and on track. Sourced from corn. See clinical data HERE.



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1 review for M1ND ™ an ounce of genius®

  1. Roxie

    This product is really helping me to focus and concentrate. I take it everyday… took a couple weeks to really notice but I won’t go a day without now.

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