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Revitablu by Jeunesse Global is a premium blue algae drink supplement that will nourish and support your body’s systems. Feel refreshed and revitalized.

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Your BEST you with RevitaBlu

Formulated by a leader in stem cell research, RevitaBlu by Jeunesse Global is a botanical blend of blue-green algae, aloe vera, sea buckthorn berry and coconut water powder. This drink is refreshingly delicious and works as good as it tastes!  These legendary ingredients are very much sought after in their pure form. Our proprietary RevitaBlu combines them so that they effectively nourish and support all of your body’s systems. Once you realize the amazing benefits of all of these prized ingredients, there is no question that RevitaBlu will become the go-to daily product for your life and lifestyle. Revitalize and renew YOU with RevitaBlu.

BENEFITS of RevitaBlu

• Formulated by a leader in stem cell science research
• Jeunesse proprietary formula enriched with plant-based ingredients
• Supports and nourishes your body’s systems
• Easy to share individual stick packets

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3 reviews for RevitaBlu ® Blue Algae Drink

  1. Tony

    I started taking RevitaBlū during a business trip abroad. Even though I should have been exhausted with all the nonstop traveling and back-to-back meetings, I started to feel more strength. With RevitaBlū, I now get quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on my day.

  2. Risa

    I’m usually a very late sleeper. Since I’ve started taking RevitaBlū, I wake up much earlier, but feel totally refreshed. It’s now quality sleep.

  3. Trina

    I tried RevitaBlū for 2 weeks and noticed that I fall asleep and sleep better. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good!

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