This unique food supplement is beneficial at fighting the bodies “cellular aging process”. Essential nutrients found in Jeunesse VIDACELL include a unique blend of rice flours made from premium strains of select short, brown and fragrant rice grains.

1 box contains 30 stick packs of Jeunesse VIDACELL.

Longevity Begins at the Cellular Level

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, stress, poisons and environmental impurities. This causes our cells to degenerate much faster. When constantly exposed, our bodies create free radicals and they literally attack our cells and rapidly age us. Jeunesse VIDACELL helps fight these free radicals.

What is a Free Radical?

  • They kill the bodies cells
  • Damage DNA structure
  • Destroy and alter our bodies cells and ultimately negatively affect our overall health

Yikes! We need Jeunesse VIDACELL to fight these buggers off!

“The average person’s diet bombards their cells with over 200 lbs of chemicals per year.” – Dr. Theodore J. Cole

Cell Facts

  • Our bodies are made up of over 73 trillion cells
  • Our bodies overall health is determined by the health of our cells
  • Healthy cells pump out more cellular energy (ATP) than unhealthy cells do
  • You’re health depends on the health of your cells and Jeunesse VIDACELL can help!
“When it’s really broken down, every single health issue, no matter the name, comes to cellular health.” -Dr. Mark Smith, N.D., PhD.

VIDACELL is the Solution to Better Health!

Jeunesse VIDACELL is 100% natural and provides your bodies cellular structure with essential nutrients used to fight off cellular aging. Promote better health by using VIDACELL daily.

Benefits of Using VIDACELL:

  • Enhances cellular energy (ATP) production up to 54%
  • Promotes oxygen in the blood
  • Assists in fighting free radical damage
  • Promotes cellular detoxification
  • Supports cellular regeneration
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Promotes antioxidant production
  • Supports DNA repair
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Enhances the digestive system

VIDACELL contains a complete amino acid profile, complex carbohydrates, polysaccharides peptides, and cofactors necessary for optimum life.  It is a bio-available form for complete absorbency and immediate utilization by the body. There is NO wheat, dairy, sugar, gluten, chemicals, binders, fillers, artificial colours or flavors, preservative, additives or genetically modified organisms (non-GMO). Jeunesse VIDACELL is made from specially selected native rice grains grown in the Siam Valley of Thailand. The Siam Valley has some of the most fertile and mineral rich soil because of thousands of years of natural organic mineral accumulation. After the rice is harvested it goes through a proprietary process known as Alphaglycanology. This process extracts the vital nutrients and nanonizes the particle size for enhanced absorption.  VIDACELL has the most bio-available essential nutrients necessary for the production of cellular energy.

Top Product of Innovation

In March of 2007 Jeunesse’s VIDACELL received Thailand’s first award ever presented by Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) and Thailand’s National Innovation Agency (NIA). It was recognized as a Top Product of Innovation.

Jeunesse Does Not Sell VIDACELL on Amazon

If you are searching Jeunesse Amazon, please do not be fooled. Number 1, the products found on their are usually old and expired if they are actually Jeunesse products. Secondly, they are not backed by any guarantee, so Jeunesse will NOT accept returns of product purchased on Amazon. And thirdly, Jeunesse dropped all their prices to wholesale so you are getting the very best price when you buy direct from a reputable distributor like Ageless Canada.