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Zen Fit is a rich source of amino acids. Aids in muscle recovery, helps with mood and so much more!

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Zen Fit, Another Piece of the Zen Bodi Fitness Puzzle

ZEN Fit™ is a rich source of amino acids, which aid with muscle recovery as well as with the digestion of proteins. They are also important for burning fat and helping to lift your mood. A specially formed compound found in ZEN Fit™ works with ZEN Pro™ and ZEN Shape™ to heighten the brain’s sensitivity to leptin, so you know when you’re satisfied sooner—which means you eat just as much as your body needs—no more, no less.
An integral part of the ZEN BODI™ System.
SIZE: 30 packets per box

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  1. Natalie

    I work out hard and this product really helps me recover quicker.

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