RESERVE and M1ND by Jeunesse

Spring is almost here! This is the season of renewal and is the ideal time to refresh, restore and take stock of your surroundings. Your body needs a good “spring cleaning” just as much as your home and other facets of your life. When your body is running optimally your healthy lifestyle can shine, sparkle and function for many years to come.

Could your health use a reawakening this spring? Then consider using Jeunesse’s M1ND and Reserve. Used together, this dynamic duo supports your mind and body from the inside out.* Both products come in convenient gel packs so they are super convenient and go where you go!


M1ND was formulated to combat common issues:

  1. Do you sometimes suffer from memory lapses? Improve your mind!
  2. Do you have a difficult time recalling names, facts or words?
  3. Are you easily distracted and forget what you were doing?

Clear the cobwebs in your head with M1ND, a 2-in-1 dietary supplement. What’s the secret to this memory-keeping formula? M1ND was created with proven ingredients. Silk protein hydrolysate has been clinically proven to help preserve memory, while L-Theanine helps us focus and reduces mental distraction.*

Each M1ND gel packet contains:

  • Tastes like a delicious lemon meringue pie
  • Helps you remember names, words and facts*
  • Silk Protein Hydrolysate for memory enhancement
  • L-Theanine for focus*

In only 3 weeks, clinical trials showed a significant improvement in cognitive function from silk protein hydrolysate. Would you like to improve your memory? Who wouldn’t?


Now let’s talk about Jeunesse’s #1 seller, RESERVE, the antioxidant crusader. This genius gel pack was created to combat pesky free radicals that attack healthy cells. How can you neutralize free radicals? With a dose of RESERVE antioxidants.

The Department of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) say that a whopping 97% of the population may be deficient in antioxidants because of our low intake of vegetables and fruits. Uh-oh. Sounds like we are in desperate need of an army of super-fruits with a supporting side order of superstar ingredients.

Jeunesse’s Reserve supplement supports your body’s ability to fight free-radical damage. A delicious blend of 5 super-fruits, along with heart-loving resveratrol, green tea, aloe vera and grapeseed extracts, provides your body with antioxidant support day in and day out.*

Not just any fruits but SUPER-fruits!

Each fruit in Reserve by Jeunesse was specially selected due to its:

✓ Scientific research*
✓ Antioxidant levels*
✓ Nutrition profile
✓ Delicious taste

No matter your age, we all need a little boost. Used daily, Reserve by Jeunesse is a very easy way to supercharge your body with a delightful blend of free radical-fighting militia.*

This season spring clean your body while your spring cleaning your home. Together, M1ND and Reserve can help power up your health, so you look and feel like the superstar you are!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.