January 2023

Getting Instantly Ageless Wet

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Does Instantly Ageless Work if I Sweat or Go Swimming?

Upon exposure to water or sweat, Instantly Ageless ® instant facelift in a box will be deactivated and results will disappear.  Do not use if you intend to be in the water or if excessive sweating may occur.

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Instantly Ageless Drying Out?

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What if Instantly Ageless is Drying Out?

Instantly Ageless begins to dry when it is exposed to air. Only open the vial when you intend to use. When not in use, keep the lid on tightly. You should be able to get 2-3 uses from a vial, depending on how much area you are covering.

Getting A Pulling Sensation?

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Is Instantly Ageless Giving a Pulling Sensation as it Dries?

This can happen if your skin is too dry and or if the product is not applied smoothly and evenly. ( sometimes applying with a small paint brush is best ) If this happens, use a damp cotton swab to blend. Always be sure to moisturize your skin with a a non oil based product for best results.  Once you get the knack, you will find it a breeze to use effortlessly.

Getting a Chalky Residue?

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Why is Instantly Ageless Leaving a Chalky Residue?

If you apply too much serum, it can cause a white or chalky residue to appear. But it’s an easy fix! Just grab a damp cloth or cotton swab and gently dab. The other thing is to make sure that you have moisturized your skin first – but be certain not to use an oil based moisturizer.

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How do I use Instantly Ageless ®?

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Learn How to Apply Instantly Ageless ®

Here are some tips for applying Instantly Ageless®… with a bit of practice you will be able to skillfully apply for a flawless look.

  1. Be sure you moisturize your skin first and let it set. OIL FREE! You will not get a good finish on dry skin.
  2. Less is more with Instantly Ageless®! Dab a small amount of product onto the skin… the amount is different for everyone so try a little and if you need more, you can re-apply. I squish the sachet to mix it up, then prick it with a pin.. that way it won’t dry out and you may get a second application.
  3. Tap, don’t rub or use a fine brush to paint it on very thin… the product MUST be damp… stay expressionless for 5 minutes while it dries.
  4. If you want to wear make up, apply after all make up is on. It’s a bit of trial and error but in no time you will know the correct amount that works for you. Mineral make up works best. Do not use oil based foundations as Instantly Ageless will not work properly.
  5. If you are getting a white residue, you are putting on too much or your skin is too dry… only a small amount of product is required.  The product dries to a flat matte texture and most people need nothing else.
  6. Some dab a tiny tiny amount of oil free moisturizer over top after it’s set… another lady I know uses a mister of water and gets great finish.
  7. Do not talk, smile or otherwise move your face while product setting. Though it’s dry in 2 minutes or so.. it’s still tightening for 5-8 minutes.
  8. DO NOT RUB IT IN – it must be damp… it’s while it dries the magic happens.
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