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Instantly Ageless – In two minutes you can look years younger. Official Jeunesse product. Price shown is in US currency. Please select your country from the Buy buttons below.

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Instantly Ageless ® Quickly Reduces Puffy Eyes and Erases Wrinkles in Literally 2 Minutes!

Instantly Ageless is Jeunesse’s very powerful INSTANT anti-wrinkle cream that literally works in 2 minutes. Works very fast and effective on smoothing puffy under eye bags and wrinkles.  A fast acting product that will instantly reverse the signs of aging. Instantly Ageless is a clinically-proven formula that is safe, effective and contains no fragrance. An extremely popular product since it’s launch in December 2014, Instantly Ageless is one of Jeunesse’s top sellers!

This product works! You will look years younger immediately. Right before your eyes wrinkles and lines will reduce, puffy eyes will disappear and your skin will be smoother!

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Works for approximately 6 to 9 hours.

Package SIZE:

  • 25 Multi Use Vials in 5 strips of 5

US Price: $52.95

Canadian Price: $71.95

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How do I use Instantly Ageless ®?

Watch this video to learn the best way to use your new product:

Can I sell Instantly Ageless ®?

Yes you can! You can become a Jeunesse® Global Distributor and sell all of the Jeunesse® brand products! Build a global business from the comfort of your home! We provide you all of the tools you need to create a part-time or a full-time income! It’s up to you! We offer great training and support in our online Facebook forums as well as team website. Call Denise to learn more.

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11 reviews for Instantly Ageless – Vials | Official Jeunesse

  1. Larry

    I’m a man and I use this! I had to play around with it to figure it out… I find making the area damp with water works best for me. I look 40 again and I’m 65!

  2. Carl

    I’m a male with awful bags under my eyes. This stuff gets rid of them! Can’t believe how great it is. I use it everyday. Was a bit tricky at first but Denise got me going in the right direction! Great rep.

  3. Jan

    You have no idea how much I have hated my under eye bags…. I was embarassed because they are so big… Instantly Ageless has given me back my confidence. Thank you!

  4. Kathy L

    OMG I love Instantly Ageless! This product really works! Now I had to mess around a bit… make sure your skin is well moisturized and apply it super thin. I have nailed down the application process and this lasts me ALL day! Love it.

  5. Leanne

    I wish I had found this sooner! Absolutely love my Instantly Ageless. I won’t go anywhere without it on that’s for sure!

  6. Camille

    I have been using this product for 4 years. I always buy it from Denise at Ageless Canada. She offers great support and I know I am getting REAL Jeunesse product and not some fake. I will admit I have tried the stuff on Amazon but it was all dried out and I couldn’t get my money back. This product never fails and I’m very satisfied with my purchases here.

  7. Margaret L

    Instantly Ageless is the one product I will not go without!! I have large under eye bags and dark circles and this product totally gets rid of the bags and takes years of my look. I always have a supply on hand as I don’t want to ever run out. Denise is always so helpful if I have any questions when I am re-ordering. Love, love this product.

  8. Carrie

    This product works! I’ve tried others but nothing works like Instantly Ageless. I look like I had a facelift! Too bad it’s not permanent but glad it is so effective.

  9. Debbie Kennett

    Can’t live without Instantly Ageless. I have been using it for at least 6 yrs. Love it!

    • agemin

      Thank you for the feedback Debbie! So glad you love it after all these years! It remains our most popular product today!

  10. Sharron Keeey

    Conversation I had with Jeunesse Ana
    06/15/2022 09:16 Their products pnly guarantee 90 Days before expiry. I throw away as I cannot use 25 vials in 90 days.P|roduct works well enough but better off getting online were I can confirm with sel
    ler the expiration date

    Hello and thank you for contacting Jeunesse Live Chat. My name is Ana How may I assist you?
    06/15/2022 09:17

    Good Morning I purchased a box of vial on june 12 this year and the expiration date in dec 2022 only 6 months ?

    06/15/2022 09:18

    I do no t use every day and others i purchased were 9 months and 14 months on line

    06/15/2022 09:18

    hello Sharron.

    06/15/2022 09:19

    Jeunesse guarantee a minimum of 3 months of expiration date for all the products. In this case, since the expiration is December 2022 we cannot open a quality case

    06/15/2022 09:19

    our apologies
    06/15/2022 09:20

    I was advised when i called the last time with you guys 9 months now it is three

    06/15/2022 09:20

    i sent emails and that was the response i got

    06/15/2022 09:21

    and ifyou speak with the US number they are saying two years .

    06/15/2022 09:22

    Sorry, but I cannot see in your profile the previous information. This has guarantee by our policies and procedures. Sometimes, we have an speficif promotion that has an expiration date informed, otherwise has been always 3 months
    06/15/2022 09:23

    I did not open an account.before but decided to open so that I oud have a record of what I was being advised because it changes all the time.

    06/15/2022 09:23

    that is not true.

    06/15/2022 09:23

    I’m really sorry about it, but we guarantee always 3 months of expiration date.

    06/15/2022 09:24

    Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
    06/15/2022 09:24

    Calgary customer service told me last time time because it was 9 moths nothing can be done now?

    06/15/2022 09:24

    6 months down to three.

    06/15/2022 09:25

    Unfortunately not. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience but our policy is that we can only guarantee the products will have a minimum of 90 days until expiration from the order creation

    06/15/2022 09:25

    this is our policy
    06/15/2022 09:25

    I will post on every post for this product on line that three month is the time

    06/15/2022 09:26

    trying to get expiring material so you do not have to throw outi s outrageous

    Ana is typing messa
    06/15/2022 09:27

    Ok I will post this on every site .
    06/15/2022 09:28

    Thank you for choosing to use Live Chat today. It has been a pleasure assisting you today. When you leave the Chat there will be a very short survey. We ask that you take a moment and fill it out. Have a lovely day!

  11. sharron Keeney

    Not worth the price if I have to throw away unused product. works well but not willing to trow money out the window

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