Become an Instantly Ageless Rep

Would you like to sell Instantly Ageless? Now you can with our new Affiliate Program! You can earn commissions on 3 levels when you sell Instantly Ageless products!  Here are the commissions for each level:

  • Level One  40% – Sales that you make directly
  • Level Two  7% – Sales from your second level
  • Level Three  3% – Sales from your third level

So if you sign up people that want to be reps and they sign up people that want to sell Instantly Ageless, you get paid to the 3rd level on all of their sales!

Sell Instantly Ageless, Become an Instantly Ageless Rep

Have friends that love Instantly Ageless ® products too? Get paid 40% for sharing with others! In U.S. $$.

  1.  First step is to get registered.

  2.  Second step we approve your application.

  3.  Share your landing page link.

  4.  Get paid 40% on your sales.